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It has been suggested by various wine folks that quality wine should reflect the sense of place where the grapes are grown and how the wines are made. The skills of the winemaker craft the wine into the finished flavor offerings for our customers to mull over and evaluate. The wines of Five H are personified with this basic philosophy! All of the Five H wines are made to reflect that sense of place and style with a slight divergence from the norm!

Our Five H label represents five unique individuals with five different life journeys, two well-traveled, and three still awaiting their adventures. Above all, Five H embodies each Hinman family member: Doyle, Sue Ann, Chelsea, Brady and Cody.

Five H marks a return to the beginning of the Hinman family’s journey when Doyle made his first wines over 30 years ago at Hinman Vineyards, one of the first “wave of wineries” in 1979. Five H is dedicated to offering special wines that represent the very best the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  The Five H family of wines is complete…White Riesling, Heritage (red blend) and vineyard designate Syrah are ready to be experienced and enjoyed.